Consultation: Your session is completely customized. You will get time built into your session to discuss your current condition, history of pain, and agree on a protocol to meet your needs.

**Please note: a credit card is required to hold the appointment but payment is still necessary after your service**

You won’t find a “one size fits all” massage here!

Signature Restorative Massage Available in 45, 60, and 90 minute sessions.

If you’re not sure what type of massage you need, this should be your go-to.

Where is YOUR pain?  We will evaluate you, and devise a custom protocol according to your goals. This plan will include any of the tools  acquired in our years of experience and continuing education.  Techniques  may include long flowing strokes,  deep massage, passive and active stretching, range of motion movements, orthopedic assessment tests, or the Rossiter method.  This integrative session is meant to alleviate muscle aches, reduce pain caused by repetitive movements, and increase range of motion.
Pricing 45 minute session: $55

60 minute session: $70 and 90 minute session: $100

Rossiter System (for clients in pain only): The Rossiter system is a two-person pin and stretch release technique that restores connective tissue to its natural state.  These powerful and effective techniques address structural pain and restriction of movement at its source.

Pricing: 30 minutes- $45

45 minutes- $55

60 minutes- $70