New Clients

New here?

Here’s what you can expect at Restorative Massage Therapy.

Pain relief is a process!

For your first session, you can expect:

Please arrive approximately 10-15 minutes prior to your first session.

Thorough consultation– Here we will go over your intake form and inquire about your history of pain,  where the pain started, if it has progressed to different areas, your level of activity and movement in daily life, and any other info we need to know in order to proceed with your session.

Assessment– This is where we observe your movement and ability. We may have you go through normal range of motion, show us your positioning and posture, perform orthopedic or manual muscle testing as it relates to your pain, or recreate an action that causes discomfort. Once we know your goals for the session and level of pain and mobility, we can start to devise a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Time needed for consultation and assessment will vary from one client to the next. These two steps may be accomplished in 5 minutes for some people, or may take up to 20 minutes for others. If you think you need extra time for assessment or consultation, please make a note of it when you schedule your appointment.

Hands on time/ treatment– Everyone’s favorite. This is where we actually begin to make a difference for your pain or discomfort.  Since we pride ourselves in quality, you will always get the hands on time you’ve paid for as long as you arrive on time. For example, if you set an appointment for a 60 minute massage, you get 60 minutes of hands on time.  Each treatment session will depend on that client’s goals. During your hands on time we will also communicate with you to help you understand what may be causing your pain, what patterns we may notice, and what techniques we feel are best for you. Relaxation may certainly be included, but some clients may experience slight discomfort during the session. Ongoing communication is definitely encouraged to avoid experiencing pain during the massage.

Reassess and Recommendations

After your session, take your time getting dressed and off the table. In the waiting area, you and your Massage Therapist will discuss how you’re feeling and reevaluate the pain/ limitations you had before your session. At this time you pay for your appointment and subsequent sessions will also be booked per your needs and plan of treatment discussed previously.