About Christina

Christina attended the Augusta School of Massage in 2007 as well as studied Kinesiology and Sports Science at Augusta State University. Christina is a former collegiate athlete as well as a Crossfitter and avid runner who uses her extensive experiences in athletics to correlate into her massage practice for first-hand knowledge of how the body moves and feels and what are the best techniques to use in order to obtain the best result! Christina opened One TALL Order Massage in February of 2017 and is excited to grow into Restorative Massage and have the availability to help even more people in the CSRA. She is easily described as a bubbly personality who prides herself in helping others and truly cares about the overall welfare of her clients.

She uses a variety of techniques including active and passive stretching, joint capsule work, neuromuscular techniques and avid communication in order to make sure the session is as successful as it can be!

Continuing Education:

Kinetic Activation Technique January 2017 Instructor: Mark Carangelo

Functional Integrative Therapy October 2016 Instructor: Mark Carangelo